Surfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider, referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave. Our club is a perfect place to try it out.

In these two-hour surf lessons, we introduce surfing fundamentals, etiquette, safety, wave dynamics, paddling skills, surfboard positioning, maneuvering, proper stand-up and riding techniques. We have both Open Groups and Private Groups available by reservation. Form your own private group with 4 or more. Larger group discounts are available upon request for groups of 6 participants or more.


Even if it might look unbelievable at first sight, kitesurfing can be learned quite fast and easily. A few tough steps at first will be rewarded instantly as soon as you ride your first wave.


Introduction to a 4-line inflatable kite, the kite you will be kiteboarding with on the water!  This 2 1/2 hour lesson starts with a weather and location-check for safe kite flying, then 4-line setup, safety, launching & landing, flying, one-handed flying, "blind" flying, and water body-dragging. Basically, lots of kite control! Yes, you'll be getting wet! Add a friend and it's just $206 each!


Windsurfing, a sport that combines aspects of sailing and surfing on a one-person craft called a sailboard. We offer the best windsurf rental, service, and learning courses.


Getting a good start in windsurfing is essential to your success. A successful first day depends on correct equipment and good weather conditions. Learning to windsurf is a lot easier if someone shows you how. Patient and professional Instructors are worth their weight in gold. For the Beginner Lessons, we have chosen a great sailing location with a sandy beach surrounded by a protective reef. We only sail when the weather conditions are suitable.